Premium Chocolates

quality standards

Not All Chocolate is Created Equal

In simple terms, premium chocolate can be judged on ingredient quality and craftsmanship in preparation. Check the labels. Fine quality chocolate contains cocoa butter as a key ingredient and requires tempering to ensure quality appearance and longer shelf life. While ‘compound chocolate’, on the other hand, substitutes cocoa butter with various vegetable oils and does not temper the chocolate. The results are…well, just not the same.

At Brockmann’s, we take pride in what we do. We only use natural ingredients and carefully tempered chocolate in all our recipes. This chocolate goes through a painstaking 24-hour conching process (the process comes from the Spanish word concha) that takes place in containers shaped like shells to smooth out the chocolate and enhance its already sublime flavour. The result is a chocolate with perfect flavour, finish and texture. It is the only chocolate we use for our carefully crafted truffles and clusters.