Chocolate Care

For  Those  With  Willpower

We expect that you’ll eat your chocolates right away but if you’re one of those rare breeds who can pace themselves, here are the basics for long-term care and storage of premium chocolates.

Temperature is the most important consideration. Store your chocolates at 16-20 Celsius. Any warmer and the chocolate will soften and lose its shine. Variations in temperature can increase the risk of blooming (that white layer that sometimes appears on the top of chocolate). There are two types of bloom and both are affected by temperature:

Fat blooming happens when the fatty ingredients (cocoa butter) in chocolate rise to the surface and appear as a whitish layer. Fat blooming is inevitable, but the process is sped up when chocolates experience temperature fluctuations in storage. Keep temperatures under 21 Celsius and away from heat sources.

Sugar blooming appears like a rough layer on the surface of the chocolate caused by sugar crystals. It often happens when you move chocolate from a cold place to a warm place, causing condensation to build up, which dissolves the sugar ingredients in the chocolates. If you must put your chocolate in the fridge, leave it in the box or wrapper at room temperature to let it adjust before opening.

Note: Chocolate that has bloomed, is still fine to eat, despite its less-than-perfect appearance.

How long it keeps
Solid milk chocolate – 18 months
Solid dark chocolate – 24 months
Solid white chocolate – 12 months

Chocolate is sensitive to its environment. When it comes to odours, chocolate is like a sponge – it will absorb the strong smells around it. Keep chocolate in a well-ventilated area away from meat, fish or cheese.

Keep it dry. Store chocolate in a room with a maximum relative humidity of 70%.

Keep it in the dark. Bright lights (artificial or natural) can cause oxidation, which can affect the taste and smell of chocolate. White chocolate is the most sensitive because it doesn’t contain any anti-oxidants. It’s advisable to store your chocolate in its original packaging.